Sept 14 ENA Meeting - Measure A discussion with Pro and Con presenters

At the beginning of each monthly board meeting the ENA provides time for informational presentations by community organizations or City entities addressing topics and concerns relevant to the neighborhood.

BELOW are recordings of some past presentations 

NOTE: the recording of the Feb 17th Debate Forum on General Plan 2040 is HERE

​along with  articles and letters from neighbors.

ENA 11-14-22

UCDMC Employee Parking Issues 

ENA 9-12-22

Proposal for Botanical Garden

March 8 ENA Meeting UC Davis Aggie Square Presentation

April 12th  - Proposed development 55th &T, Update on S St development, Citywide Parks Plan

ENA 7-11-22

SMUD Zero carbon presentation


Annual Pancake Breakfast, Saturday, Oct. 28th 9-11am
Coloma Center Auditorium, 4623 T St.

ENA 9-11-23

Meet the District 6 Candidates 

Dec. 13 2021 presentation Residents Against Illegal Fireworks 

November 9 ENA Meeting CM Guerra discussing public subsidy for Aggie Square

March 8 ENA Meeting Sound Wall Presentation

June 14th  -  1) Kevin Hocker, Sac Urban Forester 2)Proposed hotel, old Coca-Cola building

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Nov 8 2021 presentations Sac PD, Sacramento Solid Waste and Recycling, and Cal Trans.

The Elmhurst Neighborhood Association Board continues to meet the 2nd Monday of each month @6:30pm .  Due to  COVID shelter-in-place restrictions we will hold a virtual meetings until further notice.   Be sure you are signed up to receive the e-newsletters, or contact:

February 8 ENA Meeting Illegal Fireworks Presentation


January 11 ENA Meeting with CM Guerra addressing Aggie Square and GP 2040

February 8 ENA Meeting Sacramento Investment Without Displacement Presentation

The ENA budget is available upon request.

August 10 ENA Meeting Cal Trans Sound Wall Update

ENA 6-13-22  Sound Wall Update 

ENA 6-12-23

SMUD Green Energy Update